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"Posture is important; grip, crucial; timing, key."

2023 U.S. Senior Women's Open

Meet Alicia


My name is Alicia Dibos.  I come from Peru, where Cuzco and Machu Picchu are found.  It is the home of the Incas and, I am proud to say, is one of the official Seven Wonders of the World!  I grew up in Lima and left my family there in 1989 to pursue my career as a professional golfer.

2023 LPGA Chevron Championship Junior Legacy Pro Am


Thanks to Amy Alcott, I played in the Chevron Junior Legacy ProAm in Houston, TX. Besides loving to see my LPGA friends, I want to make a special note on the junior I had the chance to play with, her name is  Jamison Louie.


At 15 years old, Jami is talented and already fully skilled around the golf course.  Her demeanor, attitude, plus her focus and pre shot routine was impeccable!

If you have time, please read the letter that I got from Jami.  Such class act, young girl!


I love what I do, and a note like this is the best reward!

"Dear Alicia,

This is Jami, and I just wanted to reach out again to say a huge thank you for being such a champ this past Wednesday at the Junior Legacy Pro-Am. I am so glad that I was given the opportunity by girlsgolf to play with you and learn from you. It has truly been an inspiring experience, and it has expanded my love for the game and sport we call golf. I personally believe that just meeting you and speaking with you has pushed my ambition within the game and now I want to achieve big things, maybe even making it to the LPGA Tour. Your faith in me was truly astonishing because, although I hate to admit it, my biggest weakness is my lack of confidence. I have been struggling ever since I started golf with my confidence when playing. But your encouragement really touched my heart and every time I struggle on the course or mentally, I just think about what you said to me, and it really does help.


What I've learned from you is, as long as I believe in what I can do, I will do it. Again, I think you have just become my good luck charm. Honestly, I believe you will stay my good luck charm for as long as I play golf, which I hope will be for the rest of my life! You are such a sweet person on and off the course, and I aspire to match your energy and attitude to grow myself as a golfer and be as good as you in the future. Let's make plans in the future to play again some time; my coach said he would love to meet you someday. It would be a dream to play and learn from you more. You are a champ!





The 2020 U.S. Open


Winged Foot Golf Club

September 17-20, 2020

Here are some personal notes from the Driving Range during the U.S. Open at Winged Foot! 

The 2020 U.S. Open at Winged Foot gave me the opportunity to be involved in the area where most golf teachers and coaches dream of: The Driving Rage!

It was long hours of work, but so worth it. Fortunately, I had a great team around me. We all enjoyed it very much. 

These are just a few things that got my attention during that week. I am sure they may help next time you go hit some balls.

Please see my U.S. Open page for more details and videos.

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Director of Instruction

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