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Flexor Sports Training


I've always believed that the most important principle in golf is the setup.  Now, as a teacher, I can use that terminology knowing that posture is part of a good setup.  Ever since I started swinging the golf club, I have felt that a solid foundation was the key to a powerful swing.  A good foundation would keep me in balance, it would hold my posture, it would keep my mind sharp under pressure, and it would allow me to swing hard at the ball without losing control.


To feel that power, I would run with 3-pound weights around my ankles and carry weights in my hands.  After all these years, I continue to incorporate this training as part of my routine.


The Flexor is the perfect complement to my workout.  The main focus is on posture, balance, and extension of the arms; it trains your upper body to work separately from your lower body.  It works on your core.  It will promote the upper body to move the arms and club together in a one-piece motion and, at the same time, you will be able to train your head to stay still on the ball.


The Flexor Sports Training got my attention!  It helps to achieve good positions, it enhances the words in my philosophy of golf, and, more importantly, you can do these exercises at home!  It is very simple, inexpensive, and surely to help you improve your swing.


For more information or to place an order, please check their web site at

Flexor Swing Sports


365 Boston Post Road
Darien, CT



Director of Instruction

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