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“Distance Control”- Short Clubs/Wedges
Straight Back/Straight Through

Most important in the swing!  On the backswing, the club should come straight back to the target line and straight through, through Impact, on the same target line!  A great way to achieve that is to practice with a couple of rods on the ground, on line to a target; like shown in the videos.

Control your arms; control ball flight.

Teach your arms to extend. . . key for power shots.


9 Iron - Half Back Swing

Finish - Arms should create a triangle and be fully extended.  Notice my left arm and club create one solid line at impact; then, the right arm takes over, extending through impact and creating a perfect triangle of the arms.

Driver - Set Up for a Driver

Do a couple of practice swings, finishing all the way through.  Hit shots, feeling the same extension of the arms through impact.  Follow through to a relaxed finish.

Repeat 10-15 times with each club or go back and forth between clubs.


Director of Instruction

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