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San Bartolo Golf Club

San Bartolo Golf Club - Help me help them!

It’s with deep humility that I write to all of you asking for your help. As many of you are aware, I am from Peru where I began playing golf.  During my vacation in Peru this past winter, I conducted a clinic for juniors at San Bartolo Golf Club in Lima, Peru.  San Bartolo GC is the first public golf course in Lima Peru!

The pictures and video show the conditions in which the juniors practice, play, and exercise.  Obviously, not ideal conditions, but they clearly enjoy the time they spend at San Bartolo. What impressed me the most was their strong passion and desire to play golf, as evidenced by their big smiles!  Currently, San Bartolo has a practice area and 9 holes; both areas have no grass.  The Royal and Ancient is helping the club with the goal to have 9 holes of grass.  I want to help build San Bartolo’s Junior Program so that the juniors have the tools and resources to achieve their dreams.  My goal is to have every junior play with their own golf clubs, golf shoes, and proper golf attire (most do not own clubs or golf shoes).  Also, support is needed for them to be able to play in tournaments, as they do not have the means to pay registration fees, travel expenses, or even buy lunch.  They have to take turns to play the events organized by other clubs.  All donations will directly fund these initiatives.

LUIS VILLAGRA is the Head Golf Professional at San Bartolo and PILAR TIJERO is the lady volunteer helping the juniors.  I am very proud to have them work alongside me on this project.  Luis is dedicated to the juniors at San Bartolo and gives his time to them freely.  He gives them the opportunity to come to the club for free and practice the fundamentals of golf he has taught them.  He shows them the passion, discipline, and joy of the game of golf.

Sometimes, we take things for granted; my time at San Bartolo Golf Club was a humbling experience and gave me a perspective I’ve never experienced before. As you may imagine, creating a foundation for this purpose is an incredibly long, complicated and expensive process, so, in lieu of that, if you would be so kind to make any size donation, I would so appreciate it.  I need you to trust me that your donations (non tax deductible) will go straight to improve the Junior Program at San Bartolo GC.  Donations should be made by check to Alicia Dibos and can be mailed to me at 112 River Run, Greenwich, CT 06831 - please write San Bartolo Project in the memo.  I will send regular updates via e-mail to keep everybody posted with the improvements we make.  I am sure that the juniors at San Bartolo will show bigger smiles and, most importantly, will stay safer and disciplined by playing golf, thanks to your donation.


More photos!


Director of Instruction

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