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LPGA Golf Clinics for Women

LPGA Golf Clinics for Women

Old Oaks CC, Purchase, NY

Monday, August 14, 2017



Ball Position - towards your Right Foot or Back

Weight Forward - 60% towards the target

Back swing - club stays low to the ground

Follow through - low to the ground

Finish- Arms Extending creating a V Shape


Beginners to the Game!

I like to teach what the body does when it swings the club. I love an exercise that will promote EXTENSION, TRANSFER OF THE WEIGHT and BALANCE. With the help of a club on your belly, create an athletic posture, where you feel the weight on the balls of your feet, then extend your arms. With your arms extended, go to the backswing, transfer your weight towards the target and finish with your belly facing the target; hold the finish. Follow the 5 steps from these pictures!


Most important moment in the swing - IMPACT!

Arms should be FULLY EXTENDED at Impact



Old Oaks CC - 1st Hole

LPGA Golf Clinic- Warming Up

Great exercise to feel a good POSTURE and SHOULDER TURN. With the help of a golf club on your back or holding it crossing your arms on your chest, create an athletic posture. Keeping your head very still, rotate your shoulders, (where your back will be facing the target) then Transfer your Weight and Finish in Balance. Follow the examples on the next 5 pictures!


8 Iron - Fully Extended arms through Impact

8 iron - Finishing in Balance

Hold the Finish for Perfect BALANCE


Driver Set Up

Stance - wider than other clubs

Stand a bit further than any other club, give room to your arms to extend "V" shape!

Ball Position - Forward or inside the left toe

Torso Tilt - Right Shoulder is lower than Left Shoulder

Notice that because of these adjustments to the Set Up, my head is behind the ball, the key is to keep the head behind the ball... where it started at Impact.... then it will move forward onto a Balanced Finish! Look the examples in these next 11 pictures


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