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Junior Golf Program at Winged Foot Golf Club

I am so proud and honored for this news from Winged Foot Golf Club -

Alicia Dibos, our long time Director of Instruction, will be taking on a greater role this coming 2018 season. Alicia will now be responsible for the entire Junior Program. The Golf & Tournament Committee feels the program is best served by Alicia's direction and that a junior sub-committee is no longer needed. The program will still need support by all our parent volunteers at each event. With Chris Michno's departure, Alicia is the perfect fit to assume his role in guiding our Junior Golf Team. Alicia's programs have been preparing our younger golfers for the team for many seasons. It is no coincidence that our team's success is a result of Alicia's camps, clinics and competitions. In addition, Alicia's experience as a tour player will benefit our juniors as they develop into more competitive players.

Please join us this spring at our opening dinner where Alicia can share her thoughts and vision regarding what the Junior program has to offer all our younger golfers. Hopefully, all our juniors will be able to participate in these excellent programs and all that Alicia has to offer. Alicia's passion to teach is second to none and we all can benefit, whether it's the youngest or oldest member. Feel free to reach out to her anytime if you would like to discuss further.

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